Paul M Bowers
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I transport the same people skills from my still work to my moving work: Create an environment in which the subjects feel empowered and encouraged to be themselves, despite being in front of a camera, lights, microphones, camera operators, stylists, and crew. It’s my job to help them speak from their hearts in an authentic and emotionally powerful way—not easy if one is not an actor or other professional. While the subjects might not be professionals in front of the camera, their messages are important to them, and important to me.


For most video work, I stay in front of the cameras (safely out of sight!), close to my subjects, and coach them—not direct. Support and encourage, not demand.


I approach video differently than a classically trained videographer. I light video work similar to the way I light photographs—not like movies or typical video productions. My approach has a distinctly different style—it’s not for everyone, but I like it.