Paul M Bowers
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I began my career as a catalog/product photographer. High volume, highest standards of the craft—no room for error. This type of work has evolved since then—strong emphasis on seamless workflow and post-production. The goal remains: Help my clients demonstrate three-dimensional products in a two-dimensional space and increase the item’s perceived value. Clearly show shape, form, and texture, and provide information and confidence sufficient enough to encourage an informed buying decision.


There are a few food shots in this portfolio, and they’re deceptively simple. These images are for menu boards in a very high-volume attraction, and are designed to speed the decision-making of patrons in a particularly fast-moving sales environment where thousands of customers are served in a given hour. We need to show these customers exactly what they will be receiving with their order—many are not English speakers and their buying choices rest solely on these images. They need to be very clear at a long viewing distance and emphasize the detail—shape, form, and texture. The chef was determined that the food must be presented in the way the customer will receive it; not on a special plate, not propped and fluffed beyond recognition by a stylist.