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We hope that this outline of the operational policies under which we execute assignments will lead to a long and fruitful working relationship.
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Our fees are quoted on your individual job basis, gauged with the complexity of the shoot. License for use of these images is additional.

What we are selling, simply stated, is the technical and artistic ability to illustrate an idea photographically and the right to reproduce those illustrations in a specific context. What you are purchasing is a license to use the images in that agreed on context; thus, the conferring of rights should be discussed in detail. These terms of sale will appear on each invoice we submit.

Travel time is billed at a low day rate for the photographer, and full rate for assistant(s). In addition to fees, we also bill expenses, such as: film and processing, prints, messengers, assistants' fees, location permits and fees, transportation (airfare, car rental and/or mileage charges, cabs), motels, food, baggage transfers and excess baggage charges, cell or toll telephone and, should it be necessary, the rental of special equipment or purchase of special insurance.

Other expenses may involve illustrative photographs where location and model fees must be paid and/or props purchased. If we are (as we prefer to be) included in the planning stages of your assignment, we can advise you on the best and most efficient way to handle photography and provide an accurate estimate of the time and cost involved.

All California clients are billed state sales tax as mandated by the State Board of Equalization on the total cost of the assignment; any sales or use tax liability for out-of-state clients will be the responsibility of the client. Clients who re-sell our services are invited to complete a resale card prior to invoicing.

Due to recent unfortunate court decisions, all recognizable people in a photograph will be required to sign a blanket model release, granting permission to Paul M Bowers photography to publish the photographs. These releases are the responsibility of the client to secure, and unreleased images cannot be used. In certain cases, property releases will also be required for unique locations or props.

We edit every photo take and deliver the best of each situation for you. We retain the copyright to all the pictures that are created for an assignment and grant the client the reproduction rights contracted and as much use of the images as required for the company's public relations and internal communications efforts. Additional use of the photographs in advertising or in major publications is of course possible and encouraged, but would require a negotiated re-use fee.

For the protection of both the client and the photographer, we strongly suggest that all published work appear with the client's copyright notice. Whenever possible, we would like copies of the published piece and a photography credit reading: "©2002 paulmbowers", as one word, all lower case, no punctuation.

Among the rights we retain are the right to display our work on our website and portfolio as well as resell all "generic images"; that is, those that do not show proprietary information.. These images would not be sold or used for a competing client or conflicting interest.

Just a few more points, I promise: A fee may be charged for cancellation (on short notice) of time booked. The amount would depend on the length of notice given and the possibility of scheduling other work. Our policy on reshoots is as follows: In the unlikely event we fail to execute the assignment through some error on our part, we will reshoot at our expense. However, if the client changes the assignment after it has begun, or fails to make crucial arrangements, any resulting reshoots must be treated as a new assignment and fees plus expenses will be billed. Weather delays are possible, and will be discussed on an individual basis.

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HEAR ME Licenses and Rights
HEAR ME Licenses and Rights